Maintenance Notice - Feb.3


Hi, Badlanders!

Thank you for your active participation in this test of Badlanders and your valuable feedback.

Based on the player comments and existing battlefield data collected so far, the dev team has fixed some bugs and updated the game content to provide a better gaming experience.


The following are the update details:


[Valentine Event]

1. Valentine event is on, which will last from Feb.3rd,2021 to 24:00 on Feb.16th,2021(UTC+8). During the event, complete specific missions to obtain token Red and White Roses used in redeeming limited festival Skins.

2. Valentine Skin Yuppie and firearm Camo Queen Heart(Deluge & 98K) is on sale, with festival time-limited discount that lasts from Feb.3rd,2021 to 24:00 on Mar.2nd,2021(UTC+8); (Ps.: after the event, the mentioned Skins will sell at original prices.)

3. Skin Gift Box is on sale in Store. After opening, 1 paint material is assured, and potential festival Skins and other materials are included.


[Note on Map Opening Time Adjustments]

In this update, some adjustments in the opening time of map on different region servers have been implemented, as follows:

(All the following is in UTC+8)


1- [SEA.]

Shelter-Professional(1/3P): all day;

Shelter-Specialist(1/3P): 18:00-24:00 everyday;


2- [JP.]

Shelter-Professional(1P): all day;

Shelter-Professional(3P): 8:00-2:00 nextday everyday;

Shelter-Specialist(1P): 20:00-22:00 every Tue./Thu./Sat./Sun.;

Shelter-Specialist(3P): 20:00-22:00 every Mon./Wed./Fri./Sun.;


3- [NA.]

Shelter-Professional(1P): all day;

Shelter-Professional(3P): 0:00-8:00 everyday;

Shelter-Specialist(1P): 08:00-10:00 every Mon./Wed./Fri./Sun.;

Shelter-Specialist(3P): 08:00-10:00 every Tue./Thu./Sat./Sun.;


4- [EU.]

Shelter-Professional(1P): all day;

Shelter-Professional(3P): 17:00-1:00 nextday everyday;

Shelter-Specialist(1P): 01:00-03:00 every Mon./Wed./Fri./Sun.;

Shelter-Specialist(3P): 01:00-03:00 every Tue./Thu./Sat./Sun.;


[New Additions]

1. Settings of follow-up grenades, reversed gyroscope and double-tap ADS have been added. More settings can be checked in the basic control setting interface.

2. A new feature of Quick Fitting has been added, which by default will install low value attachments in Warehouse. This install rule can be switched in Warehouse settings.

3. A new feature of Gift in Store has been added, which is able to select friend added for 3 days and send out on sale Skins in Store-Gift interface.

4. A new option of matching with PC has been added. You won't meet up with PC players if you don't select "play with PC players".



1. The interactions and display of some interfaces has been optimised.



1. The problem of view distance being too short in the tower buildings near HQ on Shelter map has been fixed.

2. The problem of some sofa objects being able hide players on Shelter map has been fixed.

3. The problem of Incendiary effect not wearing off normally in death replay has been fixed.