Devs' Talk - Feb.2021


Greetings, Badlanders!

Happy to see you again in the Devs’ Talk.

For a long time, we have been collecting issues that many players encounter, paying attention to various feedback from players, and gathering optimizing suggestions.

In this Devs’ talk, we will talk about the focuses of our recent development works, efforts that we have put into and attempts that we try in those focuses. In addition, we will answer some frequently asked questions as well.


-Future Development Plan-

Currently, our main focuses are improving fundamental game experience, enriching gameplay, and upgrading visual effects.

<Fundamental game experience improvement>

The fundamental game function is the foundation of a game. A solid foundation is what we want, what we try to achieve, and always our top priority. Currently, we are trying to improve the action presentations, fundamental controls, match experience and gun balance etc. For example, we plan to balance some of the gun attributes based on results and analysis of actual in-game data, so to build a more balanced gun system and enhance the diversity of various guns, eventually, allow players to utilize the strengths of more types of guns.


< Gameplay Enrichment>

Besides the fundamental game experience improvement, we are also working on enriching Badlanders’ playable contents.

On the one hand, we will keep expanding the options of existing contents, such as improving the variety and diversity of supplies, so to enable tactics of more depth and allow for more strategies. On the other hand, we will create more new contents like new maps and new systems etc.

If you get any ideas or suggestions, feel free to contact us or share it in the community!


< Graphic Quality Upgrade>

We do want our players can enjoy both a smooth gameplay and a high quality of game graphic. The graphic and the visual presentation in current test version does not represent the final outcome of the game graphic because they are still in development. We hope that we can improve the overall graphic quality of Badlanders and provide a better visual experience without affecting the game performance. On top of that, we also want to provide our players a richer and more diverse visual experience.



- Future Update Preview -

< Match Mechanism Improvement>

As for the concerned match experience, we have been trying different methods to improve it. For example, we imposed a new rotation schedule recently. What we want to try next is to introduce the wealth level into match, so to elevate the operation experience of players in different phases.

< FPP Mode>

There are lots of calls for FPP mode. We will make FPP mode available for the Red Beach Shelter map and pilot it on some servers in near future.

< Screen Filter>

We are working on multiple screen filters. Players can choose the filter that they like and enjoy a more delicate and even movie-like game graphic when those filers are available.



Q: Lots of players of PC version encounter situations like that cannot open the game or crash after loading. Can you fix those problems?

A: We are deeply sorry for seeing that some players cannot play the game normally during the test of PC version. We have to admit that compatibility and adaption on PC platform is relatively hard due to the vast differences among various PC environments and models. We hope that players who encounter such issues can submit as detailed feedback as possible, so help us to locate and fix the problem. We will be appreciated if you can be patient with us. In addition, we will make the PC version available on STEAM when we think it is ready so more players can experience the EA of Badlanders easier.


Q: There are lots of revealed new contents recently. However, we as players don’t see much  related updates.

A: All the new contents that we revealed in “future development plan”, such as new guns and day/night shifting system, are contents that are still in development. Lots of them still need to be built up and tested, so to reach our releasing standards. Once we think they are ready, these contents will be available for all players. We believe that the wait won’t be too long.


Here comes to the end of this Devs’ talk. In the future, we will share our latest news of the development from time to time. Your support and feedback always motivate us and help to make Badlanders a better game.