Maintenance Notice - Mar.3


Hi, Badlanders!

To provide a better gaming experience for you, we will conduct a server maintenance and game update on Mar.3, 10:30am (UTC+8).

During the maintenance, you can join the combat as usual. However, some in-game functions will be temporarily unavailable and you cannot create new roles.

Thank you for your active participation in this test of Badlanders and your valuable feedback.


The following are the update details:


[Mode Adjustments]

In this week we have adjusted the matching mode of [Shelter-Professional] and [Shelter-Specialist] in EU server and the TPP mode of which has been adjusted to FPP mode. This mode is currently out for a test, which can be expected on other servers according to the following test outcomes.


[New Additions]

1. A new feature of 5 graphics filters has been added, which can be chosen from in the graphics settings.

2. A button of Glitch Escape has been added in the in-battle setting interface. When unable to move normally, use this button to get away from the glitch.



1. The Red Beach Foundation map has been optimised, improving its smoothness on some phones.

2. The interactions and display of some ingame interfaces has been optimised.



1. The problem of players being able to enter some rocks in the scene has been fixed.